Backwater Cuisine: Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking

The Urban Frontier can allow for many different types of cooking. Outdoor cooking is as tasteful as it is fun! Open campfire and rotisserie cooking is a thrill and adding different smoky flavors in a backyard smoker is a taste above the rest. Pickling the garden vegetables can also add condiments to food like no other.

This section of Urban Backwater is dedicated to cooking food as they did in the wild ...sorta. Campfire and rotisserie cooking has been around since fire was discovered by the cavemen. Smoking is a bit younger starting in the Stone Age 3.4 Million years ago to preserve food. The ancient people also like the taste :). Pickling is a bit younger occuring first around 2400 B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia

Checkout the many different methods and recipes to enjoy!