Foraging: Eat your World!

Universal Edibility Test:

!Caution! Please do not attempt to identify plants without consulting a local expert. Some plants may look like edible plants that could be toxic



1. Divide plant into various parts: Roots, stems, leaves, buds, and flowers. Test one part of the plant at a time

2. Place part of plant on wrist for 3 minutes. Check for any type of reaction. If no reaction occurs, proceed to next step.

3. Touch part of plant to lips, if no reaction occurs in 15 minutes proceed to next step.

4. Put part of plant in mouth and chew, if bad taste occurs remove from mouth and discard. If no reaction in your mouth after 15 minutes, swallow and wait several hours. If no bad effects occur, it is safe to assume the part of the plant under test is edible. Repeat test on other parts of the plant.

Note: If plant is difficult to chew or eat, boiling in water or stewing may make digestion easier.